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Why Hire an outside marketing team?

Why not? Most companies need an extra hand with their marketing but are not sure where to start. When you retain our services we will start by evaluating your business and providing you with a list of all of the things that we feel need to be done. From there, with our guidance, you choose where to start.

Still not convinced? Did you know that the average Marketing director’s salary is well over 100k? Hiring a virtual marketing team helps to keep your cost down to an affordable monthly fee. 

Virtual Marketing?

Internet Marketing | McMInnville Oregon

Hiring a virtual team can sound like an odd notion but in reality most of what we do is web based. 

To our local clients we do offer monthly in person meeting if this is something that you desire. We can also do Skype calls for meeting and proof changes. 

Analytics &  reporting

Website analytics | Newberg Oregon

We are proud of what we do and want to show off the results on a bi-weekly basis. You will get a analytic report to show you your current traffic and a progress report to show you what has been done.

Virtual Marketing Department Costs

Full service marketing departments to fit any budget! Our marketing departments start as low as $250 per month.

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